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Statistics for Dynamic Policy Making
Inclusive Growth indicators
Inclusive Growth Indicators Last data update  
  Proportion of Population below the National Poverty Line (percent) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Proportion of Population Living Below $2 a day at 2005 PPP $ (percent) and Income/Consumption Share 31 July 2014  Download 
  Average Years of Total Schooling of Youth (15-24) and Adults (25 and over) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Prevalence of Underweight Children Under Five Years of Age (percent) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Under-Five Mortality Rate (per 1,000 live births) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Annualized Growth Rate of GDP per Capita at PPP (constant 2005 PPP $) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Growth Rate of Average Per Capita Income/Consumption in 2005 PPP $ 31 July 2014  Download 
  Employment-to-Population Ratio 31 July 2014  Download 
  GDP per Person Engaged at Constant 1990 PPP $ 31 July 2014  Download 
  Number of Own-Account and Contributing Family Workers 31 July 2014  Download 
  Electricity Consumption, Paved Roads, Number of Cellular Phone Subscriptions, and Depositors with Other Depository Corporations 31 July 2014  Download 
  School Life Expectancy (years) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Pupil-Teacher Ratio (primary) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Diptheria, Tetanus Toxoid, and Pertussis (DTP3) Immunization Coverage among 1-Year-Olds 31 July 2014  Download 
  Physicians, Nurses, and Midwives (per 10,000 population) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Government Expenditure on Education and Government Expenditure on Health 31 July 2014  Download 
  Population with Access to Electricity (percent) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Share of Population using Solid Fuels for Cooking 31 July 2014  Download 
  Population Using Improved Drinking Water Sources 31 July 2014  Download 
  Population Using Improved Sanitation Facilities (percent) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Gender Parity in Education 31 July 2014  Download 
  Antenatal Care Coverage 31 July 2014  Download 
  Gender Parity in Labor Force Participation, Aged 15 Years and Over (percentage) 31 July 2014  Download 
  Percentage of Seats held by Women in National Parliament 31 July 2014  Download 
  Social Protection and Labor Rating, Social Security Expenditure on Health, and Government Expenditure on Social Security and Welfare 31 July 2014  Download 
  Voice and Accountability, Government Effectiveness, and Control of Corruption 31 July 2014  Download