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 International Comparison Program  Purchasing Power Parities Updates

2009 Purchasing Power Parity Updates Tables

The 2009 Purchasing Power Parity Updates is a research initiative under RETA 6482 - Improving Price Collection of Non-Household Expenditure Components and Updating PPP Estimates for Selected DMCs that provides alternative methods for updating the 2005 benchmark PPP to 2009. The methods and tables intend to address challenges from the 2005 International Comparison Program (ICP) by building on the momentum of the 2005 ICP and capitalizing on the benefits of capacity-building steps taken by national statistical offices to ensure sustainability of the ICP framework for non-benchmark years. Addressing these concerns is seen to increase the leverage and readiness of ADB's developing member countries (DMCs) in the region for ensuring round of benchmark ICP, and develop a methodology for updating PPPs during non-benchmark years. Included are estimates of PPP-adjusted GDP and its major components, namely, household final consumption expenditure, actual final consumption of households, government collective final consumption expenditure, gross capital formation, and net external trade.