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 International Comparison Program  Purchasing Power Parities

2005 International Comparison Program Tables

The 2005 International comparison Program (ICP) under RETA 6088 - Strengthening and Collection of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) Data in Selected DMCs produced the 2005 PPP for Asia and the Pacific released in December 2007. The activities and modalities implemented in the project were a first in the region and marked the cornerstone for ensuing ICP developmental work in Asia and the Pacific region. The tables present the final results on estimates of PPPs of currencies of participating economies. These include estimates of "real" GDP and its major components, namely, household consumption, government consumption, gross capital formation, and net external trade. The final phase of the 2005 global ICP integrated results from Asia and the Pacific with results from the other five regions: Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States, Latin America, and Western Asia as well as the OECD/Eurostat "region."